FAQs (Patients)


No, it is a must to have a donor for joining this program.
No, for that you should contact Nephrology OPD and start the pre–transplant workup.
You can register your available pair in this program and we can help you get a suitable match.
Any healthy adult of age 18-65 years with no diabetes, poorly controlled hypertension or other significant diseases can be a donor.
'Near relative' means husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, or granddaughter.
Yes, you can register. The final decision regarding the approval of your paired transplant will be subject to the approval of the institute authorisation committee.
The hospital-based authorisation committee shall consist of the Medical Superintendent of the hospital, two senior medical practitioners from the same hospital who are not part of the transplant team, two persons of high integrity, social standing, and credibility, who have served in high ranking government positions, and a nominee from the state government. The meetings are held frequently as per requirement.
No, it is not. If you remain transparent and honest there is nothing to worry about. It is more cumbersome to be continuing on twice-weekly dialysis.
No, we will contact you if you get a matching pair.
For this, you will have to register with us by clicking the ‘Join us’ (for patients) button on the home page and provide the required details of the donor and then the recipient including an email id and phone number.
After a thorough medical examination and necessary immunological investigations you will be seeking the approval of the authorization committee following which a transplant can be done.
The transplant coordinator of our institute will help you and guide you for that.
There is no extra risk involved in this type of transplant. It is just like any other HLA mismatch donation. Moreover it is more beneficial as you are getting a more compatible donor.
Our role will be to facilitate the paired donation and provide you the option and contact of a suitable pair. The final decision to choose the pair will be yours and the donation will be subject to the approval of the authorization committee.
Yes it will be done simultaneously as you are part of a chain which moves together.Both the pairs are wheeled into the operation theatre at the same time.
No, currently this registry will be limited to transplants done in a single center – PGIMER, Chandigarh
Kidney transplantation is the best renal replacement therapy.If paired donation allows you an early transplant, it would be healthier for you to be transplanted earlier than to be on dialysis. The current average waiting period for a cadaveric kidney in our country is roughly more than 3 years.
Yes it can be done. ABO incompatible transplant requires drugs and procedures to reduce the patient’s antibodies against the other blood group and hence is more technically and financially demanding with lower success rate and with a higher risk compared to a blood group compatible paired donation.